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What is methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic narcotic that quells a patient’s craving for opioids – painkillers or heroin – by preventing the withdrawal symptoms.
Patients who are stabilized on methadone can function normally – whether it be attending school or holding down a job.
Also, patients treated with methadone can reduce their exposure to HIV and Hepatitis.

Will methadone affect a teen’s life in later years?

Methadone will affect the teenager’s life in later years but in a positive way. The only reason a teenager would be prescribed methadone from
the Adelson Clinic is to stop the use and cravings for destructive drugs such as heroin and pain killers. Methadone will help the teenager to
function normally and lead a productive life. The Adelson Clinic’s plan is to stabilize the teenager with methadone then taper the methadone
dose down to zero, if possible.

What is the cost to the patient?


The amount individual patients pay at the Adelson Clinic is based on the patient’s ability to pay. Patients are charged a small fee – on a sliding scale – based on income to ensure that the patient is taking responsibility for his or her treatment.